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Key Takeaways

  • The carnivore diet is truly as an elimination diet – so perhaps the advantages people experience, are the total consequence of eliminating a lot of that causes them dilemmas, and aren’t solely from eating meat
  • Marijuana generally seems to reduce testosterone temporarily
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive that is main in marijuana, generally seems to work on plenty of mTOR paths in the human body, and cannabis oil inhibits them
  • “The epidermis is really a mouth” you put on it– it readily absorbs what
  • Obtain a 23andme dna test – it’s going to provide you with a huge amount of helpful information
  • Lectins causes particular individuals to have inflammatory reactions to veggies
  • Things like coffee, rosemary, and thyme, when rubbed on meat, reduce the carcinogenic facets of the areas that are burnt/charred
  • Take to natural/man-made treatments before trying supplements
  • We have photoreceptors on the outer skin (for this reason you ought to nevertheless result in the available room you’re sleeping in completely dark, regardless of if you’re using a rest mask)
  • To reset your clock that is internal when – Use light, food, and motion
  • Ben claims CBD can raise the total amount of time you may spend in deep sleep
  • THC decreases sleep latency (the length of time you are taken by it to fall asleep) -but it decreases the quantity of time you may spend in deep rest
  • Glympthatic system activity is increased once we sleep on our s > At the beginning of the podcast, Joe ended up being consuming a Caveman Cold Brew Nitro Coffee
    • Later on when you look at the episode, both Joe and Ben involve some Ebony Rifle Coffee fashioned with a press that is french
  • Joe is a huge fan regarding the Traeger Prime Rib Rub
  • A lot of speak about ApoE4 – to uncover your ApoE phenotype, test thoroughly your DNA with 23andMe
  • Both Ben along with his k >
    • Ben Greenfield is just a fitness/health writer
      • Check his website out
    • Joe is consuming a Caveman Cold Brew Nitro Coffee
    • Later on within the episode, they bust out the BlackRifle Coffee

    The Carnivore Diet

    • Ben hasn’t gone on it
      • But he d >


    • Metformin is just a medication that helps reduced blood glucose amounts by enhancing the real way the human body handles insulin
    • Joe and Dr. David Sinclair talked about this a little within these Podcast Notes
      • Joe is contemplating taking it
    • Ben claims there are some side that is negative:
      • Lactic acidosis
      • It inhibits the electron transportation chain in mitochondria – essentially this down regulates metabolic process
      • It may end up in supplement b12 deficiencies
    • “Metformin and rapamycin for various reasons, are two substances i don’t ever think i would take”
      • Instead of metformin, there are a number of normal substances which decrease blood sugar and improve insulin sensitiveness
        • Berberine
        • Curcumin
        • Apple cider vinegar
        • Salon cinnamon
        • Bitter melon extract

    Go Natural First

    • Make use of the above to lessen blood sugar amounts, in place of jumping in metformin
    • Get sun that is real of supplementing with vitamin D when you are able
    • Walk barefoot when you look at the lawn before purchasing some type of pulsed field mat that is electromagnetic

    So what does earthing and grounding do?

    • This expands off the point that is above Walk barefoot when you look at the lawn before purchasing some kind ofpulsed electromagnetic industry pad
    • Studies have shown it decreases irritation and improves pain
    • The planet earth normal emits electromagnetic frequencies (between 3-100 Hz)
      • For guide, Ben states your cell phone emits about 1,000,000 Hz
    • “It’s like exercise for the cells”
    • “It takes the exact same frequencies you’d have through the planet, and merely magnifies them”

    Continuous Glucose Monitors

    • Ben wears one – a Dexcom G6
      • He intends to use it for around a 12 months to know about exactly how foods that are various and his exercises, affect his blood sugar
    • Exactly just What has he discovered to date?
      • His blood sugar surges into the from black coffee morning
        • Ben claims coffee causes your liver to take part in glycogenolysis (the releasing of sugar in to the system)
      • Green beans caused their blood glucose to increase a lot more than they need to
        • Ben got a food allergy test through an ongoing business called Cyrex laboratories
          • It must be purchased through doctor
        • (He discovered he had been semi-allergic to green beans) – ergo his irregular blood glucose reaction from eating them

    An Excellent Quote

    • I want the marriage of performance and longevity“To me. We don’t want to call home a number of years if I can’t kick ass.”

    Standing Desks and Ergonomics

    • Ben runs on the standing desk
      • (i really do too! A Varidesk is owned by me. It is let me tell you my favorite purchase for the final several years. Check ’em out.)
      • He keeps astool (a Mogo Upright)nearby, if need be so he can sit/lean on it
      • Ben additionally keeps abalance boardnearby which he sporadically stands on
    • A great guide which will help you replace your head about getting a standing desk – Deskbound: taking a stand to a Sitting World
      • (we very, strongly recommend this guide)
    • Ben additionally runs on the TruForm treadmill machine walking desk
      • He does not do work that is much walking regarding the treadmill machine, but he’ll often record podcasts and simply take customer telephone phone calls
    • The entire day Ben is changing jobs
      • Sitting
      • Standing
      • Leaning on stool
      • Looking at the balance board
    • Joe hasCapisco chairsin the studio – this is exactly what he sits on whenever podcasts that are recording
      • Joe comes with a few saddle chairs – he utilized to utilize them before purchasing the Capisco seats when it comes to studio
    • Somebody delivered Joe a stool that is focal

    Circadian Biology

    • Zeitgebers are cues that regulate your circadian rhythm
    • Then when traveling, here’s ways to assist reset your interior clock
      • Utilize Light
        • This really is a huge one for Ben
        • Theselight emitting is had by him ear-buds (the Valkee Human Charger)
          • Aubrey Marcus discussed them during these Podcast Notes
          • Why do these work? – We have actually photoreceptors inside our ears
            • We already have photoreceptors on the outer skin too (this is the reason you need to still result in the available room you’re resting in completely dark, no matter if you’re using a rest mask)
        • Ben additionally makes use of the V-Light in the home
        • And finally, these ReTimer is used by him Light Therapy Glasses– these shine within the eyes
      • Meals
        • “You wish to wait to consume that you’re traveling to” until it’s actually meal time in whatever area of the world
      • Movement
        • This might be one of the better activities to do to reset your clock – Joe that is internal agrees
          • “A rigorous work out makes a big difference in the field with regards to the way I appear, whenever traveling”


    • Joe’s routine:
      • Joe attempts to intermittent fast 5-6 times a week for 16 hours
      • He’sn’t done any term that is long
    • Ben’s routine:
      • Every Ben intermittent fasts for 12-16 hours day
      • He does a fasting mimicking diet (FMD) 4x per year
        • To get more on a FMD, check down these Podcast Notes
        • Ben just restricts their calories to about 40percent
          • Of these durations, he makes a stew containing split mung beans and basmati rice called Kitchari (it’s an Indian Ayurvedic cleansing stew)
            • Some coconut is put by him yogurt onto it, and contains the stew for break fast, lunch, and dinner for 5 times directly
      • 1-2x a ben tries to go from saturday dinner, until sunday dinner without eating month
    • Exactly just What breaks your quick?
      • The rule – if this has calories, it breaks your fast
        • Coffee does not
        • Butter in your coffee does
        • Green tea leaf does not
    • If Ben calculates while fasting, right here’s just what he takes:
      • TheHMVN ketone ester
      • 10 grms ofbranched-chain amino ac >

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